Rachel McAdams On Her Lacking Love Life

Star says she's doing "pretty good" on her own. Is there room for improvement?

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is Vogue's January cover girl, and for good reason. As Robert Downey Jr.'s leading lady in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, out Christmas Day, she showed up to the London premier looking absolutely iconic. (See HollywoodLife's great photo gallery.)

She also showed up to the London premier alone, happily single. Although she has been quite clear about her plans to remain single, — "I'm loving my independence. I think it is important for a woman to be alone for a year or so. You need to learn who you are," she said last May. — most of us await news of her coupling with eager anticipation, still holding out hope that she will rekindle her romance with The Notebook co-star Ryan Gosling. Even last summer's romance with Josh Lucas, her co-star in Morning Glory, hasn't dissuaded us from dreaming of a Gosling/McAdams reunification. Rachel McAdams Thinks Ryan Gosling Is Awesome


Inside Vogue's cover story, McAdams continues to embrace the single life — "I'm pretty good on my own," she says. — but suggests that when she does settle down once again, Mr. Right will come in the form of a writer.

"The first thing Diane [Keaton] always asks me is about my love life. I thwart her as I do everyone else," says McAdams, who was famously engaged to Ryan Gosling, her costar in The Notebook, and briefly dated Josh Lucas, her costar in Morning Glory, last summer. She is currently single and pondering the question of Mr. Right in a totally relaxed way. McAdams does want a family but finds it tricky to reconcile her experience of family life—"for eighteen years I knew where my chair was at the dinner table every night; my life was incredibly secure"—and her nomadic existence as an actress. She is thinking perhaps a writer. But she's in no rush: "I'm pretty good on my own, and I like just getting out and walking, which seems very rudimentary." Keaton says, "Rachel isn't looking for a lot of friends and a big fat social life. I don't feel like she's drawn toward 'everyone love me' or 'I want to be the richest woman on Earth.' But of course, men fall in love with her like crazy." [Source: Vogue]

"Pretty good" usually means "room for improvement" and it has been a year or so since her inexplicable 2007 breakup with soul mate Ryan Gosling. So doesn't that mean that she should be settling down with someone soon?


Photo via Fame Pictures.