Top 10 Sexiest Scenes Of 2009

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2009 was darn sexy, what with all the vampire, werewolf, and plain, old regular-people lust. So which sex scenes kept us on the edge of our seats? Here, our favorite sexy on-screen moments of 2009. 

1. True Blood's Sea of Nudity

HBO's foray into vampire drama gave us some of the most graphic and heated sex scenes we've seen since The Sopranos and Sex And The City. With so many to choose from, the best of the bunch is really a matter of preference. Our favorite was when Anna Paquin finally bared it all. We're assuming the scene came naturally to her, as she's in a real-life relationship with co-star Stephen Moyer. How To Date A (Real-Life) Vampire

2. Sapphic Love On House

Talk about fantasy fulfillment! When Olivia Wilde—one of the sexiest on-screen women of the year—explored her bisexuality on camera, Gregory House wasn't the only one who got a thrill. 

3. Zombieland's Tenderest Moment

We couldn't help but be pleased when Jesse Eisenberg's romantic yearnings for Emma Stone were fulfilled at the end of the film, but we were most smitten by the moment when he tenderly brushed her hair behind her ear. How To Translate Your Monster Crush Into Real Life

4. New Moon's (Second) Forbidden Love 

Bella sure does have a thing for fantastical creatures. As if the vampy Edward wasn't enough, in New Moon we're introduced to buff were-boy Jacob. As their sexual tension increased, so did ours, and since it was never resolved (unless you count that one instance of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation), well, we were left wanting…

5. Heroes' Girl-on-Girl Action

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The sensual smooch between Hayden Panetierre and her roommate may have been a cheap ploy to expand the Heroes viewership, but we didn't mind. Thinking at first that her roommate is out to get her, cheerleader Claire was surprised to discover her own inner bi-curiosity.