Sex With Playmates Nearly Kills Hugh Hefner

Rogue Ben Wa ball nearly offed Hef during sex on his rotating bed.

Hugh Hefner

Taschen's six-volume, $1,300 illustrated tome on the life and times of Playboy's Hugh Hefner is a testament to the man and the social-sexual revolution he ignited, but did you know that we almost lost him?

And to a rogue Ben Wa ball in fact!

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Asked by the UK's The Guardian "What is the closest you've come to death?" Hugh Hefner answered:

"There was a moment when I was having sex with four Playmates and I almost swallowed a Ben Wa ball."


In case you don't know what a Ben Wa ball is, take a peek over here.

Traditionally used by Geishas to strengthen their vajayjays, Ben Wa balls are inserted vaginally to add an extra layer of sensation during solo or group sex. 

In that same Q&A, we also learn that despite spending most of his time in bed Hef still has sex "two to three times a week."

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He also cites current playmate girlfriend Crystal Harris as being "the greatest love of his life." (Ouch Holly Madison!)

Diplomatic, wouldn't you say?

As she is probably the one giving Hef the bi-weekly spin on his rotating bed.


But let's not forget that it is next to Marilyn Monroe that the consummate playboy will spend eternity.

His burial tomb is right next to hers.

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