How To Star In Your Own Romance Novel

A personalized romance novel makes you and your partner the stars of a steamy plot.

romance novel

Maybe you and your partner don't feel like the stars of a steamy romance every night, but that could all change. The personalized romance novel trend is gaining ground, and if you're looking for an unconventional (and financially feasible) stocking stuffer, this might the perfect treat. Romance On A Budget
Here, three top personalized romance publishers and the details to decide which is best for you and honey this holiday season. 
Choose from one of five international themes (Fever in France, Indecent in Italy), answer about 25 questions (most interesting: His favorite meal?) and, if you're so inclined, replace your partner with a celebrity. (Also a humorous option if you'd like to gift this to a single friend…). Defiitely the most modern/sexy/sleek of the bunch. Erotic Literature: Our 5 Favorites, $24-$42
Choose "wild" or "mild," answer 25 questions, and select one of 25 books. Also, ebooks are available (but that seems a little too dangerous). These have more of the classic romance-novel feel (Fabio in a pirate-shirted, damsel in a ripped bodice, etc.), so they might be better suited for the classic couple, but the "wild" version does deliver.
Choose from nine themes (Pirates of Desire, Vampire Kisses), add 26 personalized details, and even add your own back cover photo. Again, celebs are welcome here; the site suggests George Clooney or Brad Pitt if you can't "think of a hero." This company definitely does the best job of incorporating a handful of male hobbies (Nascar racing, space travel, the Internet, etc.), so maybe your guy will get hooked, too. 10 Hobbies To Increase Your Sex Appeal
While these books are half kitsch/half hot, these personalized romance tomes make for a novel gift indeed.
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