Sex Ed. Through Kid Lit?

woman reading book lying down

When sex was still a novel idea, we looked to Judy Blume's books for answers.

If you're a girl and spent any time in the library as a kid, you inevitably read some Judy Blume. (Hopefully along with The Babysitter's Club and Goosebumps.) Perhaps, like me, you actually felt guilty reading some passages, or found yourself blushing madly even though nobody was around. Lemondrop: Are Romance Novels Soft-Core Porn For Women?

Let's face it: Judy Blume explained a lot of stuff our parents didn't. (Or did, but the conversation was so awkward you've never looked at your dad the same again.) Here are just a few sex lessons that got us through those awkward junior-high days straight from the books of Ms. Blume: 

"You're a romantic. I'm a realist. We look at sex differently... I see it as a physical thing, and you see it as a way of expressing love."Forever
From that point on, I learned there were two lovemaking camps: bad girls (like Erica) and good girls (like Kathy). I landed somewhere in the middle; I loved to bang, but fell in love with every douchebag that took me up on the offer. Lemondrop: High School Sweethearts Reunite, Marry After 50 Years Apart

"'Oh ... oh', Michael cried, but I didn't come. I wasn't even close. 'I'm sorry,' he said. 'I couldn't hold off.'"Forever Pro: Saved me years of disappointment from my boyfriend's inability to last long enough to get me off. Con: I've faked most of my orgasms since. Lemondrop: Orgasm Facts We Didn't Know

"'I guess we should ride around for awhile. We can circle the field, that way he might notice me.' They rode around three times but if Georgia Blue Eyes noticed Andrea he kept it to himself." —Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself Hovering around the object of your affection and staring without saying anything has a name. It's called stalking and it will only creep him out. (Didn't we already learn this, people?)