Tom Cruise Pressuring Katie For Another Baby

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Is Tom's baby lust damaging their marriage?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are at odds over whether to add to their family, and the strain of disagreement is taking its toll on the marriage. Star's completely bananas cover story today reports that Tom is leaning on Katie to get pregnant again, since he's pushing 50 and is madly jealous of David and Victoria Beckham's and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's robust broods, and that the pressure is getting to Katie, who's feeling guilty that she's depriving three-year-old Suri of siblings.

"Katie feels Tom is more wound up about this than he's ever been and relations between them are at a really tricky stage," a "friend" of the couple told Star. "She's only 30 and she's not sure about having another baby right now but then she feels guilty about Suri being an only child, especially as she grew up in a big family herself." When He Doesn't Want Kids (and You Do)

Now, this seems just a little odd. We'd like to know if it's Star or Tom that forgot about Tom's two older kids from his marriage to Nicole Kidman—both the Beckhams and the Smiths also have three kids. So, you know, Suri has siblings. Whether or not the giant-wardrobed little princess ever sees Connor and Isabella is kind of up to her parents, and could be resolved much more quickly than a 40-week gestation.

That aside, it can't be good for the Cruise-Holmes union to be squabbling all the time about babies. This isn't the first time Tom and Katie have fought; they notably came into the marriage with clashing religions. Star also throws a line on the cover about Katie's alleged "contract"—they say she agreed to three years of marriage, which is up this fall, which would indicate that Tom is trying to renegotiate. We think that's complete nonsense, but if it isn't, um, Katie, the job market is pretty crappy right now. If what you have comes with benefits and a 401(k), we'd recommend sticking around till you get that gold watch and pension.

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