What Kind Of Guy Would You Be?

If you woke up a man, would you date you?

kind of guy
Confession: Sometimes I wonder what kind of girl I would be. Not in a pre-op, "call me Rhyanah" way—more like a "If I was a woman, I’d totally buy that dress" sorta thing. Everyone has those thoughts sometimes, right? Right?!? In any event, I have a pretty clear sense of what Rhyanah would be like, and to be honest I don't like her very much.
Horrible Taste In Men: My man crushes are dudes like Russell Brand and Ian Curtis—in other words, brilliant crazies. And if my sister is any indication, I'd be a total babe. Talk about a recipe for disaster.
Fashion Junkie: I already care more about clothes than 98% of the male population. The other two percent consists of fashion designers and Scruff, and the only thing that's holding me back from joining their ranks is a nagging sense that straight men shouldn't care so much about their appearance. But if I was a woman? There's no doubt Rhyanah would be a fashion monster who would cut a girl if she got between her and a Prada sample sale. 
Gym Rat: As a guy, I have a pretty wide margin for error when it comes to staying in shape. Sure, women like a guy with defined pecs, but not nearly as much men care about a woman with, um, defined pecs. And yet I torture myself at the gym and religiously runs 20 miles a week to make myself marginally more appealing to women. What if I was an impressionable gal brainwashed by our implant-happy world? It's pretty much a given that Rhyanah would go on crazy pickle juice diets and spends hours on the treadmill. 6 Secret Places To Meet Men
Doesn't Rhyanah sound like a catch? Who knows, maybe I'd actually be a pretty cool chick. What kind of guy would you be? A jock or a metrosexual? A hipster or hippie? A fancy boy or a country boy? Have you thought about it before, or am I just crazy? (Don't answer that.)

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