Wanted: A Salsa Partner

Wanted: A Salsa Partner

There is something so beautiful about men who can “move”. I suppose it
could just be my “type”, but it seems as though men from other
countries are less stuck in their inability to feel free or creative. I
never like those puffy looking football player/gym guy types who parade
around with their arms so muscular that they can’t rest them at their
sides. I see guys like that all the time at the gym. They all look
“fat” to me. Latino and Italian men have less of that, “I’m afraid to
not look manly. Here, give me a beer can so I can smash it on my
forehead….RRRRaaarrr”, look. I don’t think that there are words enough
to describe how unattracted to that I am. (Note: I may need to delete
this one day if I meet some nice computer programmer type guy who just
happens to be a body builder. I suppose that if he was smart enough, I
would probably be able to get over the initial lack of physical
appeal…I had a friend who wanted me to meet her fiancé a few years ago,
and before I did, she said, “When you see him, you will think he’s ugly
but he is really nice to me so don’t be surprised.”…um…that didn’t
sound right to me. I think that if I was at the point of getting
engaged to someone, I would’ve forgotten by then that I was embarrassed
to be seen with him because I thought he was bad looking. The funny
thing is that when I did meet him, I thought he was good looking. Maybe
she liked fat gym guys?…oh well! To each his own!)

I just know
that there is someone out there who is uninhibited and culturally well
rounded enough to be able to move his hips to the beat. I always laugh
when I see big, burly guys wearing suits at weddings, who are “too
cool” to dance. Not only that, they are always the lower class ones who
drink too much, their shirts come un-tucked and they inevitably have
their tie tied around their head or are dancing with their table
number. This is NEVER cool. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It screams,
“I’m an insecure jock and I haven’t understood the meaning of any movie
other than the American Pie series”. Well…I guess I am a little bit
particular in this area. The funny thing is that those are the guys who
are single at my age. I wonder if they are making the connection?…of
course…I am single too and I would never grunt at a television, hunt,
fish, mow my lawn...etc… I guess I’m just not a “guy’s guy, kind of
girl!” A friend of mine asked me the other day if the guy I date “needs
to be taller than me”? uh…I’m 5’3” dude! Who exactly are you trying to
fix me up with? Michael J. Fox?

Whatever…I suppose that for now
I will continue my quest for someone I’m attracted to who may want to
dance a salsa or two with me. In the meantime, I’ll just keep my salsa
around for my chips!