Wait. Size Matters, After All?

does size matter?
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Good sex is dependent on size and positive thinking—rather than foreplay, a new study reveals.

On science's neverending quest to find the cause for the female orgasm, it's only natural "research" would blatantly contradict itself a few hundred times or so. (This we know.) So we weren't shocked to read a study touting the benefits of length, crowing that size does matter! So much for gifted tongue flicks—ladies get out your rulers! Penis Extension Fails Catastrophically

A study led by Stuart Brody from University of the West of Scotland asked 1, 000 Czech women what causes their "vaginal" orgasms. A vaginal orgasm, if you're curious, is a climax "produced simply from movements of the penis in [the] vagina without any additional stimulation".

One-third said they are more likely to climax if the man had a longer than average penis, which we suppose makes sense. Further analysis of the results proved that penis size and duration of sexytime all played important factors. But suspiciously absent from the list? Foreplay! Foreplay 411

While we're sort of kicking ourselves for splashing this on the web—men shouldn't think size and duration alone cause female orgasm!—the most interesting part of the study was the nod toward education. In order to gain control of the elusive female climax, researchers say women need to think more positively about their orgasms, if you will.

Professor Brody and colleagues also found that women who were "taught that the vagina (or the vagina as well as the clitoris) was important for eliciting female orgasm" had significantly greater success in regularly achieving vaginal orgasms. Even more important was the ability to mentally focus on vaginal sensations. The researchers suggest that this ability may itself be "due in part to having been guided to do so by sexual education." As a result, they argue that "it is incumbent upon sex education, sexual medicine, and wider social policy to be supportive of women's sexual health, which includes being supportive of vaginal orgasm."

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