Robert & Kristen's Hookups: Do Not Disturb

While the rest of the Eclipse cast is in Vancouver filming, it sounds like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spend their days snuggled up in Rob's hotel room exploring, um, each other's bods and maybe the WUWU talk: What's up with us? Love Buzz: How To Ace The "What Are We?" Talk

Limelife reported this weekend that Rob, 23, and Kristen, 19, have been holed up in Robert's Sheraton suite taking their relationship to the "next level." The rest of the cast is checked in at a different hotel but Rob needs his privacy—especially when Kristen's there. A source says they rarely come up for air and constantly keep a sign on the door that reads "Do Not Disturb."

The images of lust are enough to drive an American girl mad, but don't worry: they're still only friends with bens. Showbiz Spy reports Kristen as saying that while she and Robert rely heavily on each other emotionally, the public has been too quick to conclude that they're a thing. “Robert and I are great friends but I understand why you would assume that, when we lean on each other for support, there must be something more,” Kristen said, then she went on to almost confirm the observations: “And I’m not criticizing anyone for thinking it either. If anything, they’re really perceptive because they can see a closeness.” Celebrity Love: 5 Kristen Stewart Traits That Robert And All Men Love

A source close to them says they're more comfortable about being seen together publicly, but despite our observations, they're just hooking up: “They’ve decided to be more public about going out now. They’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, but they’ve definitely hooked up.”

Rumors suggest that there maybe be a sexy scene between them in Eclipse...but by the time it hits theaters, we'll be on to some other Anglo-American obsession... Celebrity Love: Top 10 British Celebrity Crushes

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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