5 Shy Girl Pick-Up Moves

Easy, timid-friendly tactics for expanding your dating horizons.

shy girl

Most of us can't muster the courage to stalk up to the next potential mate we see, write our number on his hand and wink Samantha Jones-style. Brava to those gutsy gals with self-esteems of steel, but some of us still have high sensitivity to emotions like, say, rejection and failure? Rejection Fear Extra For Good-Lookers

Luckily, there are shy girl alternatives to obvious flirting that have proven effective time and time again. And the best part is, they don't require you to go out on a limb. In fact, you don't even have to leave the tree trunk. And even if dates don't immediately result, the least you get is a huge confidence boost, and who couldn't use that? Top 5 Shy Guy Pick-Up Moves


1. Borrow something from the friendly and cute neighbor. Baking items such as flour and sugar are a great fail-safe because you can present a slice of the finished product as a thank you. If the guy lives too many doors down to make a stunt like that seem natural, ask for something a more difficult to find, say a ladder or hammer for a project. If you're lucky, he'll even offer to help.

2. Crack an inside joke with a male colleague. Sense of humor rates high among the traits men and women want in the opposite sex. Even if the joke is something Carrot Top would blanche at, most people can appreciate the occasional groan-inducing pun. Take a page from the Pam and Jim's book of nerdy courtship (courtesy of The Office). Office Romances Can Be Tricky


3. The next small favor a guy does for you (e.g. opens a door or lets you out of the elevator first), look him in the eye and give an appreciative smile. Studies show that people interpret eye contact and smiling as signs that you like them (duh). Plus, a man with common courtesy has at least one point already in his favor. Is Chivalry Dead? 5 Men Discuss

4. Bond with a stranger on something small. No men in your life? No problem. Perfect the "chance conversation" by commenting on what the person-of-interest is holding or doing. A grocery store scenario: Ask the guy in front of you at the checkout line where he got [insert food product here]. Start chit-chatting about said product, ask him to hold your place in line as you go get it, come back and talk about different ways to cook said product. Other easy subjects? His pet or a book he's looking at in a bookstore. 7 Surprisingly Good Places To Meet Someone

5. Let your brazen friend do the ice-breaking. Some of the best moments on CBS's How I Met Your Mother are when the overly suave Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) pulls the sudden "Have you met, Ted?" line on an unsuspecting girl and an unsuspecting Ted. As exaggerated as these scenes may be, relying on a bolder friend to make introductions is a pretty smart move. Even if said friend does it in an obnoxious manner, the end justifies the means, right?

Happy non-aggressive flirting!