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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Getting Heat For Baby Name

elizabeth hasselbeck and child

Elisabeth Hasselbeck can't win. She gave birth Sunday in New York City to her third child, a boy weighing 7 lb., 7 oz. According to husband, Tim Hasselbeck, "Elisabeth and Isaiah are doing great."

This morning her anti-fans, apparently of left-wing orientation, are giving her a brutal time. They’re criticizing the name of her son, Isaiah Timothy, saying not only is it a target for schoolyard teasing; it's also a strong Christian reference. Isaiah is a Catholic saint and one of the best known prophets in the Bible's Old Testament. Scholars say he predicted the coming of Jesus as the savior who would rule the world.

But today, Hasselbeck haters sound sick of her shoving her values down their throats. They're chiding her pro-life stance and suggesting that if she's as conservative a Cathlic as she portrays herself, then she should give up her career as a celebrity to stay home and mother her now three children in traditional fashion. Visitors to some news sites are calling her a "breeder," a "dunce," and a hypocrite. One said they feel sorry for her children. Career And Family: Can We Really Have Both?

However, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is receiving some audience support. While not everyone agrees with her politics, some viewers are stepping forward to defend her. Fellow mothers are extending their best wishes despite not digging her position on political issues. One Huffington Post reader said, "Congrats from woman to woman." Others have told the haters to back off and show some respect.

Some followers of the Hasselbecks' new birth have suggested a viable middle ground. If they simply reversed Isaiah's first and middles, then his name would be Timothy, after hubby Tim who's a former football pro. But that might not have set audiences blazing, which, apart from making gluten-free food and babies, is what Elisabeth Hasselbeck may be known to do best.

 Photo via Bauer-Griffin.