Hot DAMN! The 7 Sexiest Senior Citizens In Hollywood

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tina turner

They still got it goin' on.

When you think of the word "sexy" you probably conjure media-friendly images that include smooth skin, shiny hair and a tight body, all in a package whose expiration date is in the second half of this millennium. But, glossy magazine pages and summer blockbusters aside, young people don't have a monopoly on sexiness.

A long life gives a person time to cultivate self-knowledge, acceptance of his flaws and appreciation for strengths. Crest-white-stripped teeth and a spray-tanned bod can create superficial beauty, but you can't fake decades of experience. 

With this in mind, YourTango has put together a list of the seven sexiest senior citizens. Young Hollywood, pay attention. This is how you want to turn out. 

1. Jack Nicholson combines roguish charm and sleazy ladies man into an irresistibly sexy parcel. The 78-year-old actor has bedded more women than we'd care to know about, and he's got a bit of a belly, but how can you not love a man who takes such (albeit unhealthy) joy in life?


2. Tina Turner is 75, but her spirit and performances show that your seventh decade of life can be h-o-t. She's been singing and acting for most of her life and the 2009/2009 Tina!: 50th Anniversary Tour was one of the best-selling concert series ever. If only we all looked this good at 75.


3. Clint Eastwood. If confidence and cool are sexy, then few people on Earth are as sexy as Clinton Eastwood Jr. From his early tough guy turns as the Man with No Name to his soulful jobs helming Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby and Mystic River, this cowboy covers the depth and breadth of manliness. His gravely voice contain bits of wisdom, remorse and grit that guys envy and gal swoon over.


4. Sidney Poitier. The hottest thing about this 88-year-old is not his debonair air or his smashing good looks. He's notorious for shattering racial stereotypes in his roles and becoming the first black man to win an Academy Award. His famous autobiography, The Measure of a Man, sums it up: Mr. Poitier is big sexy.


5. Julie Andrews could have been short for "androgynous" in her early roles where she was playing a male (Peter Pan) or an awkward, earnest novice at the convent. But those roles belied her beauty. She's a knockout, and at 79 years old, Julie Andrews' hills are still very much alive and kicking. Plus, what other gay icon is so family friendly?


6. Sophia Loren. Look past the excessively yellow and frilly dress at this year's Oscar telecast and you'll see that, at 80, Loren is still a smoking-hot siren. She's toned, tanned and has a body better than most 25-year-olds. We all got to watch her heat up the screen again opposite Daniel Day-Lewis in the musical Nine.


7. Betty White. We could go on about Betty White's glory days — the sexy Sue Ann Nivens on Mary Tyler Moore or Rose Nylund's knock-out legs on The Golden Girls—but we'd rather focus on the fiesty 93-year-old on display in The Proposal and joking with Craig Ferguson on CBS's The Late Late Show.  She's sharp, funny and just a little bit filthy.  There's a fire behind those bubbly blue eyes and we're sure created sparks with her co-star Ryan Reynolds.


Who are your favorite sexy seniors?


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