A Life For Clumsy...

A Life For Clumsy...

I tend to date conservative type men.  They like to remain low key and don't cause much of a scene anywhere, I think this is part of what draws me to them.  I like to think I'm reserved and calm, but I have this crazy problem with being clumsy.  I've noticed that some men don't take well to this, even when it's something small.  So, the guy I'm with is pretty conservative in my opinion.  Doesn't drink or smoke or eat fried foods late at night. 

Our first date, My hands were talking with such fervor that I knocked my beer over... onto my food, and my phone, and keys, and table settings, and myself, and finally, onto the floor.  I sat there red-faced with a most unpleasant uneasy giggle while I braced myself for his reaction.  I snapped out of it after he began mopping up the table with his napkin.  Then came the teasing and laughing.  It was pretty funny, and the beginning of a long string of amusements for him. 

The second date wasn't that much better, I almost swan-dived on my way to the restroom at dinner.  When I made it to the safty of the loo, I get a text message from him telling me how he saw the whole thing.  I got funny looks from the other ladies as I laughed out loud and upon my safe return to the table we just laughed about it.

I guess I'm used to men telling me that I need to be more careful, or that I'm acting silly, I'm not used to someone being as amused by me as I am.  I have no problem laughing at myself when I trip over things or use the wrong word or spill my beer on my shiney new two-car-payment-costing phone (it was never the same, had to convince the phone company that it wasn't the beer that messed up the phone, it was dropping it all the time). 

So, when I was stretching and fell off the bed, even though he was in another room, I was comforted by his laughter.  He even managed to ask if I was OK between giggles.  I jumped up, laughed and continued watching cartoons (another point of amusement for him.  I prefer cartoons to any other type of media save anime).  I still don't know how I misjudged my balance, but apparently I have a problem with that because it has happened more than once.  He doesn't care though, he told me he wouldn't have it any other way, that it's part of what makes me who I am.