How To Deal With Your Husband's Cuckold Fantasy [VIDEO]

This gives a whole new meaning to threesomes.

matt and tamsen

Finding new ways to spice up your sex life can be a super sexy, intimate and fun experience. From testing out new toys in the bedroom or prolonging some serious foreplay, your relationship can improve drastically when you're getting reacquainted with your partner's wants and needs. Especially when it's something that you and your partner have wanted to try for a while.


But what happens when your man's idea of a good time jumps outside of your comfort zone?

When you introduce kinks into the bedroom, things can get real tricky, real fast. One of our readers ran into this same issue when her husband mentioned that he wanted to try something different — His cuckold fantasy.

She asked sex experts Matt and Tamsen the following:

"He wants to watch me with another man…should I do it? He watches me as we have sex now but he wants to see my face and how my body responds from another point of view. He is letting me decide if I want to choose the other guy or let him do the choosing."


If you've ever found yourself in a similar situation, you need to listen closely. Here's the deal. You should never shame someone for having fantasies that are different from your own. That being said, you also shouldn't force yourself to accommodate them if it seriously makes you uncomfortable. So if your man has a cuckold fantasy (where he wants you to have sex with another man while he watches) and you're just not sure how to handle it, take a deep breath. Really think about what he's asking. Do you think that this will negatively impact your relationship?

Before you make any decision, it's important that you voice any (and all) concerns that you have. If you're open to the idea but need more time to think about it, reassure him of that. It's better to approach this situation with a clear head than jumping in emotionally charged.