MJ's Secret Lovechild And Blanket's Mom Revealed

Michael Jackson Omer Bhatti Pia Bhatti Blanket Jackson

Shocking reports this morning suggest that right around Michael Jackson's heyday when we girls were kissing his posters on our walls, he may have been keeping a secret affair that led to a love child. Brooke Shields: Michael Jackson Was 'Asexual'

New York Daily News has reported that Omer Bhatti, a 25-year-old Norwegian dancer and rapper who performs by the name O-Bee, sat in the front row between Joe Jackson and the Jackson siblings at MJ's memorial service on July 7. His prominent position among the family is fueling speculations that indeed he was kept as Michael's low-profile offspring, and his history with the family drive that possibility home. Omer lived off and on at Neverland Ranch for years, often toured with Michael and dressed identically to his alleged biological dad. The knack for dance may be in his blood as well, as he reportedly mastered a lot of the King of Pop's trademark dance moves. How To Get Your Man To Dance

Omer's mother is Norwegian dental hygienist Pia Bhatti, with whom Michael was said to have a one-night stand in the mid-1980s (he had a thing for women in scrubs, didn't he?). Pia is now married but apparently stayed close with Michael over the years. Top 5 Reasons To Date Your One-Night Stand

And the juiciest part of the story is that Pia may be the biological mom to more than one MJ kidlet. Sources suggest that she is the secret European mother of little Blanket Jackson, 7. They say she was sworn to secrecy about birthing Blanket, but her fair complexion and full cheeks may be giveaways that she's Blanket's real mom. Plus, Blanket's resemblance to Omer appears to be a dead-ringer: it's highly possible these two are 100% brothers.

Critics of the story this morning insist that we'll never know the real story about the identity of Blanket's mom and that the public should leave Michael Jackson's children alone...but his life mission to keep them out of the limelight is now precisely what's landed them in it.

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Photo via Bauer-Griffin.