Russian Vagina Heavyweight Now Offers Training

Vagina Weights

That's right. Famed Ruske Tatiana Kozhevnikova—able to vaginally lift 31 pounds with a single, er... squeeze—is now offering "organizers of trainings" for both professional and amateur women everywhere eager to better manage their intimate muscles. 

In just two to three hours a day over a three- to five-day period, Ms. Kozhevnikova's copyrighted program teaches not only how to "manage every section of your vagina seperately," but also how to be "out-going and easy to communicate with."

Question: How do men treat sex with such a woman? Answer: Once a man confessed to me that he was intimate with a woman who was able to manage her intimate muscles. Now he is looking for such a woman the whole his life.

On her website's FAQ page, Tatiana takes interested visitors through her conditioning routine, which involves an impressively cut red leotard and three simple steps: 1) Woman inserts a wooden egg in which a string (a cord) is put through her vagina; 2) The weight is fixed on this string; and 3) The weight is kept by pelvis ligaments, buttocks and partly by vagina. Sexy Stupid Human Tricks

With this routine, Tatiana explains she has "become more sensual, more harmonious in sexual life, [and] began to understand men and their sexual wishes better and more deeply."

"But I don't advise you to repeat my result," she goes on to say—a result fifteen years in the making, and one that has landed her in The Guinness Book of World Records as the current titleholder of "World's Strongest Vagina."

"It's enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies," she explains. "And in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed." Score! The Hands-Free Orgasm

Indeed, numerous studies have shown that practicing your kegels just a few minutes a day are enough to enhance sexual orgasm and increase vaginal tone and lubrication. So regardless if you go for Tatiana's intimate gymnastics routine (available soon by videocourse!), or for something more accessible, one thing is for sure: a stronger vagina is a happier vagina, for you and everyone else involved.

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