5 Oral Sex Tips For Men

5 Oral Sex Tips For Men

In response to Al's list of sex tips, I've listed 5 things men should pay attention to when the time for oral sex comes, and this is geared toward males who are in hopes of receiving oral sex...comedic tone is intended.

1. Please don't beg.
There is no bigger turn off for me than a man begging for oral sex in bed. If I was in the mood, I would do it, but you begging me is only going to make matters worse. If by some chance I do consent, it's not going to be with worthwhile effort.

2. Don't push me
I don't like gagging on anything, it makes me feel like I have to puke. Therefore, keep your hands off of my head! I don't mind a little grasp, I don't mind a little touching, or you lightly holding on and going with my motion, but do not push!

3. Knock before you come in, please.
Many women aren't comfortable with 'taking it all in,' therefore, don't give it to her if she has expressed that she's not interested.

4. Remember what your Mother told you?
Can you recall all of those bath-time conversations with Mommy Dearest telling you to wash behind your ears and clean out your belly button? Well, if you're wanting your girl (or any girl) to go down on need to keep your member and the surrounding area clean! There is nothing more disgusting than a gross pubic area, you guys don't want to go down under and think you're at a fish market...neither do we.

5. No pressure
Please don't pressure your girl into doing things she isn't comfortable doing, begging is one thing, but pressure is often psychological. If she isn't into giving head, leave her alone, she may eventually come around to the idea, but there is no need to remind her constantly, "I sure could go for a..." Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.