Play Together: Top Sports For Couples

Couple-friendly, athletic activities for gaining intimacy and losing calories.

couple playing tennis

With Wimbledon wrapping up in the coming week, we can't help but notice how some sports—such as tennis—are so well-suited for dates. And we're not talking about tickets to a Lakers game kind of dates, but activities that can get you and your significant other in shape while allowing for some intimate one-on-one time. After all, studies show that having an exercise partner helps keep us motivated. Plus, you can reap the benefits twofold later in bed, as exercise is known to improve one's sex drive as well. Better bodies, better relationships, better sex. Game, set, match, right? Here are YourTango's top five couple-friendly sports:


Tennis. Tennis is an ideal coupled sport, by design. Heck, there's even a 2004 romantic comedy titled Wimbledon. You could go head-to-head in a singles tourney against your lover and use the match to fuel some flirty trash talk. But if you'd rather not chance any hard feelings on the loser's part, play on the same team as part of a doubles game with another couple. For those couples just getting off the couch and wanting to start slow, try the less strenuous badminton or table tennis. Fun And Free: Competition As Aphrodisiac

Jogging, Hiking. Leave the iPod behind and invite your counterpart to join you in a jog. Not only is this safer (especially if you run at night), but the activity can incorporate lots of intimacy. Other than just having a conversation as you jog, you can plan the route to go by the romantic spots in town. Not sure if the two of you boast similar staminas? Start off with walks in the park and work up. With a little more planning, you can upgrade your jog to a weekend hike. When it's just the two of you in the woods, you can spend time getting to know each other without the distractions of your day-to-day life (i.e. cellphones, Internet, work). Fun And Free: The Exercise Date


Skating. Nothing teaches a couple interdependence better than when the floor is ripped out from under them. In this case, quite literally. As long as you're not afraid of looking silly or a few bruises, skating can be a wonderful way to bond over mishaps. Ice skating provides plenty of opportunity for bodily contact, especially if one skater needs help staying upright. No ice rink nearby? Kick it old-school style by having a date at the local rollerskating rink. Use the surroundings to share nostalgic childhood memories.

Biking. Much like jogging/hiking, taking out bicycles for an afternoon or weekend outing is a relaxing way to explore your surroundings with your lover. It's good idea to plot out a route, keeping in mind how well either of you handle steep hills. Throw some picnic food into a backpack and it's a multi-tasker's dream: exercise, a meal and a date all-in-one.

Dancing. Easily the most sensual sport on this list, you don't get more couple-friendly than dancing. But rather than just going to a club (though that's fine, too), try signing up for partner dance classes. It's a great way to cultivate a new talent while getting to know each other's bodies better. Get your significant other's input when choosing a dance style to pursue and don't be afraid to experiment in something outside your comfort zone. It's best to pick a style neither of you are familiar with so both of you are on the same footing Read: Dancing Can Improve Your Relationship

 Check out this video for more tips on getting in shape for better sex.