Romantic Advances or Foul play?


   So for those of you who read my first question, I left my ex boyfriend of 3 years because things got way too complicated. And since I've tried to move on diving into the dating pool. But I'm not looking for a rebound. I want something special. So here's the issue at hand. A guy from my college found me on a social site. I've seen him before. And he's single and so am I. It went from social site to emailing/IM to texting. And the thing is he didn't come off strange or creepie. Just your basic conversation no fronts. There were no, "hey sexes or whats up babes," just realistic stuff. So he asked me out. And I told him I'd think about it. But then I said sure I don't mind and he said he has to check into his work schedule and that he'll keep me posted. Because as I've learned over the massive texts he sends me everyday on the hour he works late. So I'm thinking its okay if we take it slow for now but I've got one problem. He hasn't called me at all. I mean he'll text me good morning like everyday or how am I, just a bunch of things that display his interest. He's even started to send little flirty stuff.

   But what worries me is that he might be too shy to talk to me even though he made it clear what he was looking for,asking why a beautiful girl like me was single and what not. But I just think its strange. AND my sister forced me to call 1 time and I did. He was just getting off of work. It felt kind of awkward. It was like we both were nervous. lol. He said he'd call me or text me back because he was nearly home. And he texted me. I was so bummed about it. Because I liked his voice. So he still texts an although I'm learning to text faster and learning a lot more about him. I wouldn't mind hearing his voice again. My sister says just take the initiative and call him but I don't want to seem like I'm trying too hard and end up pushing him away. Coming on too strong might scare him too. Then there's this other guy who keeps asking me to call him. And I have twice. I told him I don't think we have anything in common. Mostly because this texter has peeked my interest quite a bit and I want to put time into this. I want it to get more personal, a girl needs some human interaction every now and then. I want to know if we've got even more chemistry. So what do you think romantic advances/potential or foul play on his part? Most people think its rude or even a bit shady that he hasn't called yet.

   While others I know say I should just make it clear to him that I'm interested, which I have. But I can't just keep waiting I need to know if this is the new start I need or just another guy playing a game. So far my ma thinks its cute and my dad thinks its kinda funny and nice. But anyway as it stands, how can something like this make progress when it seems stuck because the other person doesn't want to vocally communicate. Its confusing because I've never been through this sort of thing before. Oh and not to mention my ex wants me back. Any advice would be great. Thanks so much.