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Rules Of Transitional Relationships

Rules Of Transitional Relationships

Going through a break up is hard, but what do you do when you are ready to start dating again? You don't want to jump into something serious or bring your break up baggage into what could be a potential long-term relationship. That is where the Transitional Relationship comes to play.

You must be very choosy when picking your TR. There are several rules that you must follow.

1. A Transitional Relationship is not a "Booty Call." It also cannot be someone you dated already. The TR needs to be someone new. Someone who doesn't know you or your baggage.

2. A Transitional Relationship cannot be a one-night stand (see Rule #1.) You must have a "relationship" with this person including prearranged dates, hand holding as well as intimacy. You must know their first, middle and last names. No exception.

3. A Transitional Relationship must last no less than two weeks and no longer than one month. Whatever you do, do not marry your transitional relationship: See Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, etc.

4. A Transitional Relationship cannot be with anyone in your intimate circle (see Rule #1.) As the Transitional Relationship is a single-serving boyfriend or girlfriend—they must be used up and tossed away, never to be seen or heard from again (except for the case of the "booty call" in between other relationships.) DO NOT ADD THEM AS A FRIEND ON FACEBOOK OR MYSPACE.

5. The perfect candidate for a transitional relationship is everything you are not looking for in a relationship. The ideal candidate exhibits behaviors unlike yours. In other words, the transitional relationship is not someone you would bring home to mom. Ever. See Toxic Bachelors, Femme Fatale or the proverbial "WOMANIZER."

The Transitional Relationship is meant to cleanse your palate for your next relationship. It should be someone who is quintessentially not your "type." The ideal transitional relationship has a beginning, middle and end that leaves both parties completely satisfied and ready to move on. You part "as friends" but generally have nothing to do with each other after the break up (with the aforementioned Booty Call exception.)

The great places to meet your transitional relationships are: online, at a bar you do not regularly frequent, in another city, on vacation—basically anywhere you do not plan on visiting in the future or would not be heartbroken if you never visited again.