Heather Graham A Tantric Sex Guru

Heather Graham reveals love of tantric sex

So Heather Graham played an entrancing porn star in the film The Guru and got Mike Meyers all hot and bothered as Felicity Shagwell in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. And right now you can catch her portraying a stripper in the comedy The Hangover. Seems that playing these sexy (and sexual) roles have started to rub off on her real-life sexcapades. Could More Porn Actually Make Us Healthier?

Heather revealed to the Mail on Sunday all about her love and appreciation of the art of tantric sex but made it very clear that it's nothing like Sting has so famously described it. She revealed she actually got into while filming The Guru in 2002 and says, "What most people know about tantric sex is that Sting does it and it lasts eight hours. But he's not having sex continually. You can take a bath, massage your partner, listen to music. The idea is that you let the whole thing build very slowly until finally you merge with your partner. It works for me." Tantric Sex 101

Sounds like Heather's boyfriend, director, Yaniv Raz, has no complaints in the bedroom. Doesn't sound like Heather is complaining either. The only thing that would turn her off is if Yaniv ever asks her for help with his taxes. Yes, you read that right. Heather says that was a deal breaker in a past relationship. "I was dating this guy and we spent the night together. Afterwards he turned to me and asked if I could help him with his tax. It was like, 'Now you've spent the night, can you cook me some food and sort out my tax?' I said, 'Are you crazy? I don't even do my own tax returns.' Needless to say, it didn't last long between us." 12 Relationship Red Flags

We like that Heather knows her limits in the bedroom. Massges, music and a slow build are a good thing. Talk of money and taxes are a turn-off. We can't help but agree with her there!

Photo Courtesy Of Splash News