John Mayer Begging For Kisses at Club

John Mayer begs for kisses at LA nightclub
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John Mayer leaves nightclub covered in red lipstick.

John Mayer just can't resist leading on the paparazzi when it comes to his love life. Not that the playboy has ever been shy about his dating life. This is the guy who won't confirm or deny if his hit "Your Body Is A Wonderland" is about ex-girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt. And now that he's fresh from his break-up with Jennifer Aniston, he's gotta find ways to keep people talking. We totally get it, John! 

So, while out with his friends at the LA club MyHouse, John spent the night keeping busy by asking as many women as possible to cover him in red lipstick kisses. Why? He wanted the paparazzi to take pictures of him covered in lipstick marks as he left the club to leave their tongues wagging. 10 Things To Know About Kissing

And how do we all know about John's little plan? He Twittered about it from the club to let his followers in on the joke. One update said, "Trying to procure as many red lipstick kisses on my face a I can. Trying to gag photogs and make a joke. OH MY GOD MONTEL JORAN JUST CAME ON." John took a break to dance to the old school classic "This Is How We Do It" and then updated his fans again by tweeting, "Okay, check it. Just spent the last hour getting the reddest lipstick on me for a gag. When you see the pics of me leaving the club covered in kisses it's all a gag." 21 Twitter Pick-Up Lines (er, Tweets)

We love that John at least has a good sense of humor while in between relationships and have a feeling that none one of those women who kissed him put up even a little bit of a fight! And nice that John's moved on from song lyrics to Twitter to give the world a glimpse of his life. He ended the night by tweeting, "Have fun. Smile at the things that worry you. Play good music. Laugh. Live your life!" We wonder if Jennifer Aniston follows her ex on Twitter?

Photo Courtesy of Splash News.