4 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Be The Girl EVERY Guy Flirts With

Everyone needs a helping hand now and again.


No matter what venue you're mingling at, scoring a girl's contact info is never easy. Here are four favors you can bestow on the lucky fella who has caught your eye to make it a little bit easier on him:

1. Break off from your girlfriends. Check out the host's bookshelf. Head to the kitchen for a drink. Watch the beer pong game. The Millionaire Miatchmaker was right: when you're surrounded by other women he's not going to come over and risk being rejected in front of an audience.


2. Roll with his pick-up line. Odds are the first thing out of his mouth will be corny — just smile and help steer him towards a more natural line of conversation. (My opening gambit is complimenting her dress/shirt/hair/etc.) Remember, pitching yourself to strangers is hard. 

3. Find a way to reveal that you don't have a boyfriend. When hitting on a girl, I'm always bracing myself for the moment when she brings up her significant other. Clear the air by casually mentioning how you pity all of your coupled friends or love being independent.

4. If you get separated at the party, mention that he should find you before leaving. Even when I hit it off with a girl at a party, I neither expect nor want to talk to her the entire night. At some point I need to go to the bathroom, get a fresh drink, and brag to my friends. But I do want to end our conversation on a high note, so it’s great when the girl takes the initiative and somehow indicates this isn't the end of the line.