Divorce Shows Go On The Road

couple considers divorce

Need a divorce ?

If you live in Britain, help is on the way.

The Divorce Show will be setting up shop in September with everything from therapists and financial counselors to travel agents.

Now, you might be picturing a TV assembly of Jerry Springer guests in a Divorce Court setting (you know we were!) but you'd be sadly mistaken.

The Divorce Show is an expo for couples who are divorcing or those in the martial straits. (Meaning, to see the show, you'll have to actually attend.) The expo had a target goal of 1 million argumentative couples, or 2 million attendees in all.

In a press release, Catherine Castle of Partings International, the creator of the event, said "Visitors will include those who are simply questioning their marital status or wanting to repair a relationship breakdown. There will also be those who need to initiate divorce proceedings or begin life again after legal separation." How To Be Single (Around The World)

And while this may be larger than some of the previous divorce forums, it's just another in a line of divorce-aiding events.

In 2007, a divorce fair called Starting Your Life Over, was held throughout Austria, while Toronto will be hosting The Divorce Expo in Spring 2010. No Uglies Dating Site Goes To Canada

And if you're looking for divorce advice without breaking out the passport, the trend is catching on here too.

The Annual South Florida Singles' Lifestyle Expo in Boca Raton, Fla., began holding a divorce forum in 2008, while the trend hit New York earlier this year.

Divorce attorney David Mejias set up a divorce expo in Port Washington, N.Y. in March. Mejias told Newsday he felt things such as divorce expos and divorce parties are the result of better informed divorcees and less of a social stigma that goes along with a divorce.

While there's no doubt this can be very useful to couples, we still think a divorce game show would be far better. We vote for Jon and Kate to be our first contestants.