Is Wedding Pie The New Wedding Cake?

Why you might be eating pie at the next wedding you attend & other wedding trends.

Cherry pie the new wedding cake?

Just admit it. Half the reason you attend weddings in the first place is for the delicious wedding food and consequently, the wedding cake. Or maybe that’s just us.

But wedding-goers be warned. You may soon experience a new nuptial tradition in the form of wedding pie.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that more and more people are requesting pie as a supplement to their wedding cake, or else are asking to have pie as the main dessert.


And as noted by Vincent Rossmeier, an avid pie lover, there are plenty of reasons to choose this delicacy over the common cake.

First, it’s cheaper, with wedding pies going for about $15 for the entire shebang, the same price for one piece of cake. Pies can also feature seasonal fruits such as strawberry and apple. And with pie, it’s the filling that counts, not the frosting.

"Pie is moist where cake is too often arid; it's complex where cake is too often banal," Rossmeier explains. "Pie offers me lasting contentment, whereas all cake can tender is a cloying sugar rush."

It’s not just the traditional dessert that’s changing this wedding season.


Forget long flowing dresses, this spring is all about the miniskirt wedding dress.  Other trends include having flower girls dress up as fairies, wings and wands in tow.

Animals are even getting in on the bridal scene, with women walking their dog down the aisle with them or else riding a horse to the alter.

Going green is another (continuing) trend this season. Couples are trying to be eco-friendly by using organic flowers, invitations and food.Green Dating – Are You An Ecosexual?

Personally, we believe wedding cookies should be the next "big" thing.


Just think about it. You can entertain children at the wedding by letting them decorate their own dessert. Or a pastry chef could create individual cookies that look like each of the wedding guests. The possibilities are endless...