What do I make?

What do I make?
Self, Family

So many people do not understand what it is that I do, many others never will. So many of you look down upon me and have come to hate me becasue you find out that I work for DHR. DHR has such a bad reputation. But DHR is NOT bad. I am sorry for those of you who have had a bad experience. I promise to you that it was in your best interest. I have even had someone ask me what it is that I do. What difference in the world do I make? Let me tell you just a FEW things....

What do I make?

I make a child fall asleep every night without fear of his father's fists.

I make an infertile couple celebrate a life of Mother's Days and Father's Days by helping them adopt a crack baby no one else wanted.

I make a homeless veteran feel at home in the world.

I make a teenager decide to stop cutting herself.

I make a beaten woman find the courage to leave her abuser for good.

I make a boy with Down Syndrome feel like the smartest kid on the bus.

What do I make?

I make a 10- year-old believe that he is loved and wanted, regardless of how long he lasts in the next foster home.

I make a teen father count to 10 and leave the room so he won't shake his newborn son.

I make a man with schizophrenia see past his demons.

I make a rape victim talk about it for the first time in years.

I make an ex-convict put down the bottle and hold down a job.

What do I make?

I make a couple communicate so well they decide not to get divorced.

I make a dying cancer patient make peace with her past, with her brief future, with her God.

I make the old man whose wife has Alzheimer's cherish the good times, when she still remembered him.

I make forgotten people feel cherished, ugly people feel beautiful, confused people feel understood, broken people feel whole.

What do they make?

I make more than most people will ever make.

I make a difference.

Adapted from Regina Brett's "Social Workers Get Big Payoff"

My pay is very little. I get paid nearly nothing to go into dynamite rigged homes to save children. I get paid nothing to get shot at and held hostage. I get paid nothing to get trampled on, thrown on the ground, and spit on. I get paid nothing to put my life in danger without any defense or any protection. I do this with my mouth, a pen, and paper.

"Much like soldiers protecting and liberating those who are oppressed, you do the often unnoticed and thankless work of our society here at home - fighting literally, the forces of evil, which seek to steal, kill, and destroy vulnerable children."
- Former Alabama DHR Commissioner Walley

So I say to you... What do YOU do that makes a difference? What good do you do? Most teacher, doctors, nurses, police, etc... they know what I mean... Or I hope so... but do you?

While you (not saying everyone, but many) are out drinking and having fun being care free and living for the day and living each day like it is your last... I am out protecting our future, our children, your children. I am out living each day like it is THEIR last... because it quite possibly could be. While you are consumed selfishly by your pointless childish drama, I am putting my life at risk, seeing things so that you don't have to ever see, witness, or experience what it is I see.