Backstage With Stripper Barbie

stripper pole dance

How do you start a conversation with a woman that says, "I'm sexier than you, I'm more confident than you, and I have more fun than you." You don’t. You don’t normally make friends with strippers either which is why reading the blog Stripper Barbie is so addictive.

It’s not as though a lap dance comes with a Q&A. Those are usually extra. So consider Stripper Barbie the ultimate stage show that you don’t even have to pay for. No two drink minimum or husky guy named Hank standing in the corner watching your every move here. Just an honest look at the life of a stripper as detailed over the course of two years and almost 350 posts.

If you’ve ever cursed the woman who gave your guy a lap dance, listen up. She’s thinking the same thing you are. Back off. Behave. And get some manners.

if i really wanted to hustle one night, i would sit there and deal with the stupid things guys said, the touching, whatever. now, i get nasty and walk away. don't get mad that i don’t get naked when i give lap dances. first of all, that's a club rule, not mine. second, i wouldn't anyway. if i'm rubbing my goods on you, i rubbed ‘em on the guy before you. super sanitary, guys. same goes for you trying to touch, kiss, lick, etc. if i did it with you, why would i not do it with anyone else? kinda gross, dude.

What transpires across the pages of this blog is endearing at times and dangerous at others. There are drugs involved and other R-rated substances that come along when one deals with money and sex on a professional level.

Truth be told, this blog is more hard knocks than it is easy reading. But if you can deal with the strong language and the heartbreak, the head games and the dry humor, Stripper Barbie is better than any Dateline special investigation or HBO drama.

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