Ladies, Here's How To Make Your Man A Better Kisser [VIDEO]

Are you attracted to someone, but are honestly put off by the way they kiss? If the answer is yes, you have nothing to worry about because we’ve all been there! Seriously, take it from us: Sometimes, no matter how much we love our partners, their kissing skills can leave much to be desired.

But don't panic!

There are definitely A LOT of incredibly helpful kissing tips that will show you how to coach your partner on making out without offending them. After all, kissing should be fun, light, and enjoyable—Not stressful.

But according to our kissing consultant, one thing is certain: "If you make a bad kisser feel self-conscious, they'll never improve." We couldn't agree more!

To avoid a tongue fight, you've got to be prepared to take the lead and also put a little extra focus on your man's smoocher. After all, kissing is all about exploring your own wants and needs while also finding out what your partner likes. So you've got to use that to take things to the next level.

The more you two practice the better the kissing will be.

If he still isn't getting the hang of it, take a second to think about how you're going to approach this topic. You don't want to end up offending him; putting too much pressure on him will only make him feel like he's being.

In fact, that'll take the kissing right out of the relationship and nobody wants that. Just be patient and everything will go smoothly from then on.

So remember to keep calm, act natural and pucker up!


"Help! My boyfriend is a terrible kisser.  How can I make him better without hurting his feelings?"

Excellent question, Anna.  As a pair of lips, I’m exceptionally qualified to dish about the kiss.  The tongue gets all the glory, but take it from someone who knows - the lips are the most important kissing ingredient.  The first thing to know is that if you make a bad kisser feel self-conscious they'll never improve.  So when you first lock lips you should indulge the smoocher's lame-brain technique.  It probably involves a lot of tongue.  Then, right before the monotony becomes a turn-off, go for the lip.  Once the focus is off the tongue, you have a ton of options.  You can lightly tug their lip with yours.  You can switch from top lip to bottom.  The trick is to show them options without being pushy.  As for the tongue, let her back in after you’ve played with the lips a bit.  Good luck, Anna.  And good kiss.