Ex-boyfriend, Sex Buddy Or No?

Ex-boyfriend, sex buddy or no?

So the relationship wasn't rocky, but it hit a bump, and somehow, it's done. He blew the whole load of "I want to be friends, I still think you're a great person," and you begin to think that perhaps you can be friends, and with time, maybe the two of you will get back together.

The two of you make plans to hang out, as friends, of course, and both of you seem to follow through on it. But as the time together draws to no end when you hang out, because it hadn't needed to end before, you two are left in an awkward position; neither of you want to say good bye to one another.


So casually, you both slip into the same twin-size bed in the "spoon" position, and then he just places his hand at your hip. You turn to face him, then casually start kissing his neck, and begin working your way up to his lips. He, of course, does not stop any of this and encourages it, by beginning to feel you all over with his hand.

Clothes come flying off and the two of you end up having sex. This happens not just once, but almost every single time you two hang out, as "friends." After sex, when the two of you are laying there with each other, you begin to think that perhaps there's a chance that it was a mistake to break up with one another. You begin to see signs that indicates he really cares, and as time goes on, you wonder how long you have to keep up the act of being "fuck buddies."


One day you two are out together and you casually slip your arm around his; his facial reaction suddenly freezes and he looks a tad uncomfortable and loosens his arm from yours. You begin to question what he really wants, and what is on his mind.

Can your ex-boyfriend be your fuck buddy? There are certain situations when it works out, but it all comes with good time. If your ex-boyfriend immediately becomes your sex buddy, then most likely, whether or not the break up was mutual, you will begin to have mixed feelings. Why? It's because you're picking up on the said "quirks" he showed when you two were together. The things he did to that you picked up on, which made it seem like he really actually cared.

There is no way of telling what he is really thinking unless there is a concise amount of communication happening between you, but likely, he will neither want to talk about his feelings or act upon them.

Without clear communication, there's a high chance that you two won't be friends, after ending your fuck buddy "relationship." As there may be no clear line between being a couple and being "fuck buddies."


Give it time, and perhaps the two of you will eventually get back together, remain friends, or just fuck each other for fun!

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