The Venus Butterfly Technique

venus butterfly hour orgasm

The mythical one-hour orgasm. Does it exist? According to some experts interviewed by Yvonne K. Fulbright on it certainly does. "Chalking up the amazingly pleasurable height of sexual response as no more than a 'genital sneeze,' they see an orgasm as involving so much more," she writes.

We've written about these insanely long climaxes in the past (check out this piece on the EMO, or Extended Massive Orgasm), and this sounds pretty similar. With a technique called the Venus Butterfly, practitioners can experience orgasmic contractions over and over. Fulbright explains that these hour-longers believe that

An orgasm starts at the point when your genitals feel better than the rest of you. As sexual excitement builds, the sensations get stronger, often becoming mild contractions. These contractions can build in intensity, even expanding throughout your entire body.

As this continues, you may feel as though you're suspended in a state of bliss without necessarily going over the edge for what's considered the typical depiction of orgasm.

She doesn't explain exactly how to practice the delicious-sounding Venus Butterfly, but apparently it includes communication, continuous touching and stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot and a cycle of peaking—that is, getting close to a peak and then backing off. As Fulbright points out, this is very similar to the tantric sex orgasm.

Fulbright is skeptical of this hour-long orgasm claim. "To say that any throbbing state of the entire sexual response cycle makes for one long state of orgasm is false and misleading. Orgasm is, after all, largely considered the height of sexual arousal — that point of explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions."

But any kind of hour-long sexual ecstasy sounds pretty good to us.

The Venus Butterfly: just the latest in the long list of techniques that promise to amp up your climax. Check out our other orgasm content below…