Jon Out Late, Minus Kate

kate gosselin jon gosselin

Does this mean the famous parents of 8 are headed to divorce court?

The latest issue of Star Magazine is suggesting that Jon and Kate Gosselin, the world's most famous parents of twins and sextuplets and stars of TLC's popular prime time series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, are headed to divorce court.

For anyone who watches the Gosselins' sandbox and squabble-filled reality show, this probably comes as no shock. In fact, the bigger surprise might be that the two haven't divorced already.

For those who don't watch, a brief primer: Jon and Kate are a young, suburban couple that is almost completely and irreparably beaten down by their eight kids, all of whom they had in very quick succession (Cara and Mady were born 16 months after they got married, when Jon was 23 and Kate was 25; while Alexis, Hannah, Aeden, Collin, Leah, and Joel were born only three and a half years after that). Kate, an exhausted mother and meticulous taskmaster, spends most episodes berating Jon for failing to apply her organizational style to his parenting responsibilities. Meanwhile, Jon, a seemingly demoralized shell of a man, fills each half hour rolling his eyes almost out of his head as Kate asks for help around the house, more structure for the kids, and mild agreement about the fact that they love each other.

The show is particularly popular, no doubt, amongst the exhausted one and two-child family set, who appreciate and/or need the reminder that their lives could easily be at least eight times worse.

Which brings us back to the latest rumors, of just how bad it can get. According to Star, Jon (reminder: empty shell of a man) has been "living it up" lately in Huntington, Pennsylvania, the town where his mother resides. And by "living it up," they mean partying with college girls and "playing the drinking game beer pong with members of the women's volleyball team!" (Note: Unlike Star readers, we know that you know beer pong is a drinking game. Also, that exclamation point is theirs, not ours.)

Has Jon reached the breaking point with his enormous family? Is he secretly living with his mom, even as new episodes are aired of him with Kate and the kids? Or is this just another unsubstantiated rumor, spawned by Kate-haters and fueled by producers of the show who want more buzz?   

Photo courtesy of TLC.