5 Kissing Mistakes To Avoid

Good smooch, bad smooch. Is it really that simple?

couple kissing

Is kissing an art, one that can be perfected with practice? According to this LLL post, yes, indeed it is, and there are five mistakes all kissing Casanovas should avoid making, lest they be cast into one of five undesirable, bad-kisser categories.

Okay, fair enough. Maybe there is one universal definition of a good kiss: a brushing of the lips that is soft, at once sweet and rapturous, just overall delicious.


But this does bring up one big question:

Does the potential for love, and the whole possibility of an ever-after, hinge on that first locking of the lips—is the first kiss the official chemistry barometer?

This is a deceivingly tough call.

Yes, we'd like to say flat-out. Either there are fireworks or there is silence. Temperatures are soaring or they're plummeting. Your eyes are seeing stars as they close in anticipation or your brows are furrowing as you blink hard, turn your head and offer your cheek. Easy call, right? Seemingly. But we're not really of the cut-and-dry "if you're not with us, you're against us" ilk. So before writing off a happy ending after one less-than-perfect first smooch, we say: Give it a second try.


This will take into account any first-kiss jitters, out-of-sync timing or otherwise distracting circumstances, let's say pelting rain or blustering winds, for instance. If  however, that magic thing is still absent after a second mouth-to-mouth encounter, sorry to say, the spark is likely just not there. Plus, thing is, if the attraction's strong enough, we'd venture to say that a little salty sweat on the lips or rain in the hair wouldn't much matter.

No pressure, or anything, to hit the bull's-eye the first (or second) go round.

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