Can I Have Sex Even Though I'm Pregnant?

Is it really as bad as people make it out to be?

Sex During Pregnancy

There's a baby inside of you, but that doesn't mean you're not still craving...other things. So why aren't you getting down to business? Whether it's due to hormonal changes or fear of putting the growing bundle of joy in harm's way, many couples are hesitant about rekindling their sex lives. Some people have reservations about sex during pregnancy.

So we're here to keep the facts straight.

Here's the truth. Even though we totally understand your reservations about pregnancy sex, some people actually say that it's the best sex they've ever had!


No, we're not kidding. One of the most common beliefs is that sex during pregnancy can harm the baby. However, there's actually science that proves that this myth just isn't true. But if you're unsure about how your guy feels about pregnancy sex, our host Giancarlo Mariutto is hear to give you some insight and straighten things out.

In this LoveFeed round-up of love, sex, and relationship news and trends, the YourTango team discusses this and some of the other biggest questions posed by new parents:

  1. Is it seriously okay to have sex during pregnancy—Or does it all depend on how far along you are? 
  2. Can having sex with your partner heighten the sexual experience?
  3. What are the best sex positions to try?

At the end of the day, it really doesn't have to boil down to making some tough decisions. After all, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean that you don't have wants and needs that have to be meet. In fact, despite popular belief, you STILL can get in the mood.



I’m Giancarlo Mariutto with the Love Feed.

Most of the time it’s not OK to have a man’s genitals near a baby’s head. However for at least nine months during your life it’s going to be perfectly acceptable. I’m talking of course about sex during pregnancy. And despite your potential objections, the main one being that there’s a child inside of you, some consider it to be the best sex of all. But what if you’re not down for bumping while baby’s on board? Well not to worry, because a team of doctors at have done some investigating into the subject and they said that it’s perfectly natural for both men and women to have uneasy feelings about sex during a pregnancy. Because, as previously mentioned, there’s a child inside of you.

Here’s a few of their recommendations. Give yourself a sexy look. Just because your body is getting bigger doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy.  For ladies, this can be as simple as choosing a new hairstyle or buying an outfit that fits your new shape. As for men, this does not mean writing the words “Forever Awesome” across your chest.  


Anticipate the second trimester. Better known as the pregnancy honeymoon, at this stage of baby-building, hormonal surges have leveled off, morning sickness is usually reduced, and many women want to have sex. So treat this maternal miracle like an aligning of the planets. A gentle nod from Mother Nature letting you and yours enjoy the pleasure of child-bearing, before that child comes roaring out of you with a screaming vengeance and a head like the Epcot Center. 

But until the day comes when intense labor comes a-knocking, the most important thing for mommies and daddies to understand is that sexual communication is the key towards carnal gratification. Oh and be careful, because as I said before, there's a child inside of you.