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I remember reading an article about the brain's of people who are in love.  It was an article run on MSN's website called "Your Brain in Love".  It said there was a study of people who were deeply in love that found that their serotonin levels were similar to those of people with untreated obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It's so strange that I went by my boyfriend Steve's job just a few hours ago and I missed him as soon as I turned the corner.  I feel like an 80's love ballad everyday.  I hear in my head as I'm driving away or kissing Steven goodbye, Everytime you go take a piece of me with you.  I could kick myself for being so sappy.  I used to look at women who are like me and say, I'll never be them or that woman needs to get it together. But now I'm exactly what I used to talk badly about.

I guess love makes a person do strange and irrational things.  Like that Lisa lady, you remember that astronaut that wore the diapers to go drive and kidnap her love's girlfriend.  I don't think my love for Steven will have me doing anything like that especially since I'm his only girlfriend but I am saying that people get crazy in love. Shout out to Beyonce`.  They really do. 

Love has got me holding hands, kissing in public, forgetting everything that's going on around me.  I know why they call it being mushy because my mind has gone to mush.  My father calls it 'my mind on Steve".  lol.

Well, I guess I have a couple more hours of pining to do.  Hopefully the hours will go fast until I see my love again.


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