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What Your Man Really Thinks About Your Facebook Habits

Facebook has pretty much taken the world by storm. You can't go online without being bombarded by hundreds of status updates that all seem to be talking about the same thing. What's up with that?

Nowadays, everyone is way too comfortable sharing so much information online. You know who we're talking about—those people who love sharing "artistic" photos of their lunch with their followers; every single monumental moment they go through is documented in an update.

So we decided to find out what people really think about the site. In this episode of That’s What He Said, host Sami Jarroush sits down with five guys to get their take on the social media site. From the constant game invites to play-by-play status updates, these guys vent about everything that drives them crazy on Facebook.

But we have to warn you. What they have to say isn't pretty. If you've ever wondered what your man thinks about your cute status updates, you may want to sit down for this.

The guys say that  "The worst are the people who are constantly updating. Jenna just got home and can’t wait to get home and watch Grey’s Anatomy. Jenna just watched Grey’s Anatomy and was just let down. Jenna just scratched the inside of her thigh and is gonna eat some [ice cream]."

Yikes! So let's be honest, do you have any facebook habits that are a little out there? The guys follow this by saying that "Digital communiation is pretty much the number one way we communicate but it is so open to interpretation. Wall-to-Wall that is the death of the relationship. Now, you and I are writing to each other, but we a middle person who can read my wall and not your wall."

We have to say that they raise serious concerns. If you want to hear more about the ups and downs of life (and love) on Facebook, keep watching the video.