Worst Divorce Ever

bad divorce stories

Divorce is never pretty, but some people have it extra bad. Just in time for the holiday of love Lemondrop and Asylum have collected stories of relationships gone wrong. Below, the most outrageous outtakes. Can you top these stories?

The Deadbeat Dingbat
"He's refused to sign all papers -- but he paid cash for a new truck last month and bought a new house with her, where they live together. He refuses to pay child support consistently, yet they both wear new wedding rings and call each other Mr. and Mrs." – Divorce Horror Story 2, Lemondrop

The Violent Vehicular Villain
"What really takes the cake is the time my ex tried to run me over. He pulled into my driveway, ticked off about something. Instead of parking, he aimed the car for me and proceeded to chase me all the way across our yard and through the vacant lot next door." – Divorce Horror Story 3, Lemondrop

The Psycho Snakeman
"He belly-crawled all the way across my snow-covered yard in the middle of the night clenching a knife between his teeth, like some kind of deranged commando. Then he cut the phone line." – Divorce Horror Story 6, Lemondrop

The Family Man
"Out of the blue I get a call from my ex who told me in a very business-like tone of voice that she's completely over me and she knows that her sister is now attracted to me. Now, four years, two substantial and ongoing divorce maintenance awards later I'm sure they all have a good laugh at my expense at their family get-togethers." – Divorce Horror Stories 3, Asylum

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