The Back story!


I was never that girl in high school that guys were crazy about, I was always slightly the girl next door meets younger sister. This all changed though when I went to college! I bloomed in a way that no one really expected. For the first time in my life guys noticed me. But so did girls, I became a threat in a way I was not in high school. I had never been the chase, but this year was different. All I ever had to do was bat my big brown eyes at a guy at a party and the next day I would wake up to a text from him or a voicemail asking if I wanted to grab a coffee or dinner. I got into a bad habit of not being able to say no to any guy that asked me out. After several months of meaningless relationships and parties with boys that don't know what they are doing. 

I finally met the One worth chasing. The first time we met was at a game night at a mutual friends house, nothing came out of this meeting. We went our seperate ways until two months later we met again, this time we were both a scad tipsy and he would push me over and then catch me. I guess you could say I was falling for him. Over and over again. We laughed and we danced, that night I went home to my dorm room and I "facebooked" him. Yes it is now a verb. I saw that he was single, but also five years older than me. I guess I wasn't that surprised. I was a freshman in college and he had already graduated 2 years earlier. After returning home I realized that he had gotten green paint in my hair. I didn't know how that was possible but I knew that I must flirtily blame him for it. We sent some flirty/blaming messages over facebook, and then exchanged IM adresses. We chatted for 4 hours that day and it was the beggining of a beautiful relationship.


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