My next 50 years


My youngest daughter takes great delight in reminding me that I will be a half century old this year. She has marked my journey to the golden 50 year mark ever since she passed second grade math. So I have decided to write my thoughts about reaching that milestone of life and what I see for my next 50 years. My title comes from a Phil Vassar song called my next 30 years, but since I passed that mark awhile ago, I decided it fits for my 50th.


The way I see it, according to the word of God, the Bible, which I happen to believe is true, we were created to live to the ripe old age of 120 years. Science today has been able to increase our life span, despite the many maladies that seem to overwhelm us on a daily basis. So far, though, no one seems to be worried about the planet not having enough human beings on it. Quite the contrary, the concern seems to still be fear of overpopulating the planet. This fear though did not exist for the woman who, through the miracles of modern science, gave birth to 8, yes count them, (a litter if you ask me) children last week, to bring her natural born total to 14 children. All from the same sperm donor, but with never having slept with the children’s father....well at least not to get pregnant. So, I take these two facts and I put them together and believe that I will soon be embarking on my next 50 years. I figure it will take me that long to possibly get it right this time, since I have made a pretty descent mess of the first 50 years.

So, besides wanting to have another shot at 50 years to get it right, I am also looking forward to having some more children. I say more because through my first marriage, which ended in divorce, I have been blessed with two wonderful and healthy daughters. I am not looking to go for any records, but one or two more would be nice. However, since I am not going to be a single parent that leads me to a complication. Although nothing is impossible for God, He hasn't brought anyone into my life thus far that would be of child bearing age and desiring the same goal as myself. So one of the first things I will work on (and actually have been working on for a few years now) is finding the woman that God has prepared for me to marry, and together to have our family. I figure that I have at least two more years to get this done before the window of opportunity closes. I don't think it would be fair of me to go much longer and expect to be 75 when my kids are 13 and 15 years old.

So with my faith and my desire I set out to do things better in the next 50 years, at least, as I look to bring the first 50 years to a close. Thanks for reading my post. Comments, suggestions, and of course phone numbers to eligible ladies will be gratefully appreciated.

God Bless!