Krista Allen Fed Up With George Clooney

Actress might finally understand the guy is an eternal bachelor.

Krista Allen

They always say that you can’t change people but we all know that person that seems determined to try, no matter what the circumstances. Case in point: Krista Allen. The beautiful actress has been linked to George Clooney in an on-again phase of their multiple attempts at dating, but rumor has it that she’s realized that George may not really be long-term boyfriend material after all. A little National Enquirer scoop has it that Krista is irritated that even though she reunited with George, they haven’t seen each other since November. Supposedly when he Clooney finally did come to Los Angeles on Nov. 11, he went out to dinner with folks in West Hollywood and then hopped over to Krista’s place for a little after dinner delight. Adding insult to injury, Clooney then also broke promises to spend time with Krista and her son over Christmas and spent New Year’s Eve in Mexico without her. The cherry on top of this craptastic behavior sundae: Clooney has been spotted with swimsuit model Estefania Kuester and there are rumors he hooked up with Paris Hilton. Evidently after the November nighttime rendezvous, Krista lamented to a pal, "What am I — just his friend with benefits?"


Umm, so we’re not close to either one of you but if all of those details are true then we would say yes, yes you are, Krista. Anyway, rumor has it that she's so fed up with the whole mess that she's ended things with Clooney again. So, it appears they're both on the market again, although we’re not sure George ever considered himself off the market according to this report.

In any case, Krista, we suggest you call Jennifer Aniston and join the Girls Night Out posse we suggested yesterday with Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin. At this point based out of sheer numbers we’re suggesting a pitcher of something containing tequila for all of you. Just be sure to call a driver.


Scoop courtesy of Celebitchy. Photo courtesy of Splash News.