Holiday Travel Love Stories

The travel delays that plague the holiday season can lead to love.


Hitches in travel are as much a holiday staple as the Christmas tunes we hear every December. Don't let delays get you down—instead read up on this list of travel-related love tales to warm your spirits (or land you a quick shag in an airport closet, if that's your thing).

1. Forces of Nature stars Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock as two strangers who decide to share a rental car—and more—after their flight from New York City to Savannah is canceled.


Lesson: Unexpected experiences can result in new love connections. (Note: We don't necessarily endorse jumping into a car with a stranger and suggest a less-risky course of action.)

2. Six Feet Under's tumultuous lovers Nate and Brenda meet at the airport and hook up in a utility closet in the pilot episode of the series. Seasons-long romance ensues.

Lesson: One-night (er, afternoon) stands can lead to lasting love.

3. One in ten people claim to have gone on a date with someone they met at the airport. Check out the list of the nation's lustiest airports here.

Lesson: You're not the only with that "I'm going to meet the man of my dreams on a plane..." fantasy.


4. Sliding Doors follows the lovelife of protagonist Gwyneth Paltrow on two divergent paths: having made her train and having missed her train.

Lesson: Sometimes missed opportunities pay off in the long run.

5. Love Actually's closing scene featuring the goosebump-inducing reunions of families and couples at the airport.

Lesson: Distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Good to remember if you're in an LDR.


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