Urtak Answers Your Questions

Urtak Answers Your Questions

What do you think of open marriage? True love? Bald men?

Wondering what your friends think of Sarah Palin or if people think marriage is going out of style? Answer your questions at Urtak, a new website that lets you create polls and answer questions.

Urtak calls itself "the world's first experiment in collaborative public opinion." It's new and its users are self-selecting, so we can't say with certainty that 11% of people would pay $40,000 for a date with Scarlett Johansson (although now that she's married, they probably wouldn't get their money's worth). We can say that Urtak is an interesting alternative to traditional polls like Gallup and Zogby.

Urtak's founders believe that current polling methods are flawed: the number of people polled is too small, it's impossible to get a true representative sample and a pollster's bias will always influence the outcome. Urtak aims to combat these problems by allowing anyone to ask a question, presenting questions in a random order, and making each question answerable by yes, no or don’t care.

There's no way to get Urtak demographic information, and the site doesn't claim to collect representative samples, however you can get an idea of who's answering questions when you see that that 25% of Urtak users think it's wrong to have an open marriage, 34% think sex work is just like any other work, and 38% could not love a bald man—eeks!

Urtak is kind of addictive—it's easy to turn into a question answering zombie as you click the orange yes, no and don't care buttons. It's also easy to select the wrong button by accident, or, because it's so fast and simple, to give the wrong answer, or one you haven't really thought through. But check it out for yourself. As Urtak says, the polls become more useful as more people take them.

We'll leave you with these tidbits: 61% of Urtakers love money, 83% have been in love and 33% believe love is a concept made up by greeting card companies.