FYI, Ladies: These 7 Things Are Relationship DEAL-BREAKERS For Men

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Relationship Deal Breakers

We often assume that men don't obsess over details in a relationship, but most guys will tell you that they do notice the little things, from the kind of cereal you prefer to the way your voice goes up an octave when you get in an argument. So what are the non-negotiable traits that most men take into consideration when choosing a mate?

Read on as real men reveal the little things they say can take a relationship from a rolling boil to lukewarm in ten seconds flat.

1. She talks down to food service staff.

"I was dating this woman who seemed like a really cool girl, except that when we'd go out to this diner near my apartment, she was always rude to the waitresses. When she went to the bathroom I'd apologize for her behavior and sometimes slip a few extra bucks onto the table.

It wasn't long before I ended things. If you don't have respect for people who work on their feet all day, you're not going to be my girlfriend. I used to be a bartender so I know how it is." —Keith, 31

2. She's a picky eater.

"I was out on a date at my favorite sushi restaurant and the woman I was with literally spit a roll into her napkin. If you're going to be the girl who picks things out of her entree or rolls her eyes if I suggest anything more exotic than Italian, it's not going to work. The 'dressing on the side' girls are also not adventurous in bed, in my experience." —Will, 33

3. She's sexually manipulative.

"I was dating this woman who withheld sex, claiming it was because of her religion. Then if she wanted something, she'd be all over me. Now I'm not afraid to say that sex is a non-negotiable part of a relationship." —Hany, 29

4. She wants kids.

"I know that my plans for the future don't include having kids. I've purposefully avoided dating beautiful women who I knew were interested in me because I knew that they wanted to have children. Most women won't change their minds on this–and neither will I." —Robert, 40

5. She's a therapy junkie.

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"There's one sentence I never want to hear from someone I'm dating: We should go to couples therapy. If it's not working, move on." —Ben, 28

6. She has an abrasive laugh.

"I once went on a date with this woman and when she laughed it sounded like a donkey braying. It was loud and grating and just plain obnoxious. I figured that if we dated I would constantly be looking around, feeling like people were staring at usm so I just never called her again." —Max, 26

7. She's way too young.

"Yeah, the sex might be great, but who cares if you can't even have a conversation?" —Otto, 39