TV Show ’Marriage Uncensored’ Dares To Take the Gloves Off To Be Culturally-Relevant

From the Journal Chretien
By Michael Ireland

LANGLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Marriage Uncensored, a unique marriage counseling TV show, was launched when someone gifted a year of airtime on a local cable station to Campus Crusade/ Family Life Canada. The show started as a local effort to provide creative programming for the family in the local Vancouver, B.C.-viewing area. The program is now aired on the Canwest Global network across Canada, and on PBS in the U.S.

Marriage Uncensored TV show hosts Dr. Dave Currie and Christie Rayburn

According to Janice Nikkel, one of the producers behind the show : "There is no other show like Marriage Uncensored on television today. It follows a talk show format where guests join family coach, Dr. Dave Currie and co-host Christie Rayburn on various issues that affect the family. We seek to be entertaining, educational and ’uncensored.’ The show isn’t about white picket fence issues, but we try and cover the difficult issues — real issues families might face on their journey and we seek to offer practical support with specific ways to get through those areas."

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Tango’s Take
This is like Supernanny meets Everybody Loves Raymond, and at Tango, we have to say we’re glad to see this show air. After all, we already have reality shows for taming unruly children, reality shows teaching C-list stars to rhumba, reality shows teaching us how to date, and dress and make hapless geeks to fall in love with beauty queens. And while we love all of those, we think it’s time somebody finally tackled the reality nobody talks about, well, except for us, here at Tango: the inner workings of a marriage. Let’s face it, with a 1 in 2 odds of yours going way off course, we could all use a helpful video guide to getting it right. And if done well, this show could work marital miracles. Of course, it launched on a family-friendly channel in Canada, so we hope that doesn’t keep them from going to the matrimonial mats, so to speak, when it comes to the topics they cover. But hopefully, it will be such a breakthrough that a spate of Marriage Uncensored babies will be born nine months from now. Which brings us to our next story…