UK Couples ‘Swap’ Kidneys In First-Time Event

From The Times Online
By David Rose

A husband and wife have spoken of their joy after surgeons performed kidney transplants between two couples – the first such operations performed on living people who do not know each other.

Roma Horrell, 57, from Cambridgeshire, and a man from Scotland received kidneys from each other’s spouses. Their own partners had hoped to donate their kidneys but were not a suitable match.

On July 4 Mrs. Horrell received a kidney from the Scottish man’s wife during surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, to where it had been flown. A few hours later, the Scot underwent an operation at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after a kidney from Mrs. Horrell’s husband Peter, 55 was put on the same aircraft for the return journey. The Scottish couple, from Lothian, do not wish to be named.

Tango’s Take
What a nice story. We hope they don't end up swapping wives, it could get weird. Let's imagine that's how the story ends...
Honestly, even Lloyd Dobler couldn’t complain about this. “I gave her my heart and she gave me a frikkin’ kidney.” This is a much better story than how we lost our kidney. Yup, poisoned drink, woke up in a bathtub full of ice in a Las Vegas hotel room with a note to call 911. We suppose it’s only fair, we had been abusing our kidneys all weekend and what happens in Vegas does something. Any way, some people think giving up watching football on Sunday to do yard work is love. We’re pretty sure that these guys raised that bar. Congratulations nameless couple. Hopefully, she won’t bring this up every time she wants him to do something. “No. No. Go ahead and spend time with your buddies. Fine. I can take down the Christmas tree by myself. It would be a lot easier with two kidneys, but I’ll manage.”

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