13 Types Of "Special Sex" Every Woman Should Have Before She Dies

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Special Sex Positions

I lost my virginity the way that most girls dream about: to my dedicated, kind high school boyfriend who adored me, with candles lit and Boys II Men playing softly in the background. Totally not kidding. My first ‘special sex’ was pretty stereotypical (and so sweet), but it took me nearly a decade to really understand just how "special" sex can get.

There’s nothing like that first time you orgasm and finally understand what the hype is all about, or when you get up the nerve to have a sexy vacation tryst (and no, you'll never see that person again, but whoa, what a night). Or frankly, when you feel like a lingerie model because you’ve worked so hard to get fit, and you’re crazy-confident on top.

Special sex is special for a reason. And thus, here are a few types of rendezvouses that every woman should experience at least once in her lifetime.


The "We Just Said 'I Love You’ and I’m Trying My Best Not to Cry" Sex

OMG, we're totaling changing our Facebook status in the morning, but first ... get naked, babe.

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The "You Just Bought Me a F*cking Diamond Ring and We’re Getting Married" Sex

Yes to the proposal. And yes to getting laid, you amazing man, you.

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The "I’m On Vacation and This Doesn’t Add to My Number" Sex

Bonus points if you don't speak the same language. There is no reason for words right now. Shhh.

Vacation Gif

The "I Hate You So Much I Need To Have Hate-F*ck You" Sex

You SUCK. But you're really hot. And we need to f*ck to get this hatred out of our systems.

Fuck You Gif

The "I’m Finally Your Wife - And Sorry I’m a Bit Drunk From Our Wedding! - Sex

Holy moly! We're MARRIED! OMG ... the room is spinning, honey. Can we do it in the morning?

Wedding Gif

The "You Are Unexpectedly Terrible in Bed, But I’ve Been Thinking About Having Sex With You Forever" Sex

Wow. That was ... disappointing.

You Suck Gif

The "I Just Got a Raise and Feel Like a Boss Bitch" Sex

I'm on top tonight, babe. Get ready for the BEST sex of your life. Because an extra $5K a year never looked so hot.

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The "Trying-To-Recreate-The-Notebook, I Have to Have You Right Now" Sex

It's never as good as it looks in the movies. But hey, you gave it a college try because ITS STILL NOT OVER.

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The "I Haven’t Had Sex in Months and I Needed This So, So, So Badly" Sex

Buh-bye dry spell. Hello, orgasm.

Hallelujuah Gif

The "I’m Pregnant and We Don’t Have to Use a Condom" Sex

Sex when you don't have to worry about having a baby? Amazing.

Pregnant Gif

"The I'm Not Pregnant and I Totally Thought I Was, Thank You Universe" Sex

You are definitely wearing a condom. Don't even ask.

Not Pregnant Gif

The "So That’s What Multiple Orgasms Feel Like" Sex

My life will never be the same. DAMN.

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The "We Have the Whole Place to Ourselves So Let’s Get Loud" Sex

Time to raise the roof and lock the door. Just in case.

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