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16 Things You Hate About Your Body That Men Love

16 Things You Hate About Your Body That Men Love [EXPERT]
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Featuring advice from Julie Spira, Erica Goodstone, Larissa Rzemienski & Katherine Forsythe!

Welcome to YourTango Experts 7-day intensive event, Love Your Body: Day 4! Today is all about appreciating the male perspective about your body in order to understand that what you consider a flaw, a man might find utterly irresistible. Let's get started!

Hate your hips? Whether they are too flabby, too bony, too narrow, too wide or otherwise unpleasant to your eyes, chances are, most men find them attractive. Women waste an immeasurable amount of time sweating about body parts that men find sexy in any number of physical states. Check out this list to find out why you should learn to love your so-called flaws after all. 

1. Feet. Many men secretly love women's feet. They don't even pay attention to the usual body parts that you may be squeamish about. So go get a pedicure with your favorite color and add some enticing jewelry like a gold ankle bracelet and a beaded toe ring. You may be surprised and delighted by your man's reaction. —Dr. Erica Goodstone

2. Hands. How delicate and inviting are your hands? What do they reveal about you? If you tend to hide them in your pockets or keep them squeezed into tight fists, you may be indicating that you are insecure and witholding. Try opening your hands and becoming a symbol of receptivity, caring and readiness to connect. —Dr. Erica Goodstone

3. Fingers. Do your fingers appear well groomed and classy. Are your nails neatly shaped with fresh polish in a pleasing or interesting color? Have you used your fingers to gently massage your man’s shoulders or to sensually tease his arms and back? You may be surprised at how appealing your hands can be as he imagines being tantalized by them. —Dr. Erica Goodstone

4. Back. How strong and smooth is your back? While some men are attracted by legs and butts, your man may enjoy stroking your smooth and shapely back. Whether you have defined muscles or just a nice back, without excess fat or skin problems, you may be surprised at how a man loves to massage your back and imagine the thrills you have in store for him. —Dr. Erica Goodstone

5. Butt. You're worried that you have a big butt. So what! Do you realize that there are many men who just love that. They are actually aroused by the way it looks and also how it feels. Roundness is good. Men’s bodies are more angular so their brains actually crave and appreciate the roundness of a woman’s body, and you don’t have to be skinny. —Dr. Erica Goodstone

6. Lips. So, your lips are not big and luscious. They're narrow and small. No worries. You can still run shivers up his spine if you use them in the right places on his body. And don't forget the power of the words you utter in his ears. Use your most seductive tone and tell him how sexy and powerful he is. —Dr. Erica Goodstone

7. Makeup-Free Face. Women tend to feel self-conscious when they walk out the door without their makeup on. But most guys actually prefer minimal or no make-up. For example, Kim Zolciak, star of Bravo TV's Real Housewives of Atlanta, made the news when people found out that she is actually much younger than she appears with layers of makeup on. Larissa Rzemienski

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