Oops, Zodiac's All Wrong — Find Out Your TRUE Astrological Sign!


Um, oops.

While, there are many who refuse to partake in the sketchy, mysterious world of horoscopes; there are many more checking them like clockwork.  If that's you, you know who you are! Asking people what their sign is in hopes of getting better aquainted — we have some bad news for you — you've been misinformed! No, not because a skeptic is coming out to say horoscopes are completely full of it (contain your excitement, cynics). But because science has found majority of people have been wrong about which constellation they were born under, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that there's a thirteenth sign! 

According to BBC, an astounding 86 percent of people were born under a different constellation to their star sign.

Where did we go wrong?

Well, the Ancient Greeks put the star signs in place two thousand years ago. Throughout time, the stars drifted due what's known as the "wobbling effect" of the Earth, moon, and sun. To account for this change the signs are off by a month, and there is a thirteenth sign called Opiuchus (off-ee-yoo-kus), which means "serpent bearer".

It's believed that Opiuchus was left out by astronomers because 12 is better to work with mathematically, since 360 degrees of the sky can be divided into 12 (lazy much?). 

So what are the real time frames for different sun signs? First it must be said: try not to be too disappointed — we realize how attached you are to your current sign (especially those with tattoos pledging allegience).  

So without further warning, here is an updated list of your real sign!

21 January – 16 February, you are actually a CAPRICORN

17 February – 12 March, you are actually an AQUARIUS

13 March – 18 April, you are actually a PISCES

19 April – 14 May, you are actually an ARIES

15 May – 21 June, you are actually a TAURUS

22 June – 20 July, you are actually a GEMINI

21 July – 10 August, you are actually a CANCER

11 August – 16 September, you are actually a LEO

17 September – 31 October, you are actually a VIRGO

1 November – 23 November, you are actually a LIBRA

24 November – 29 November, you are actually a SCORPIO

30 November – 18 December, you are actually an OPHIUCHUS (Boom! Go you! New horoscope!)

19 December – 20 January, you are actually a SAGITTARIUS


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