The Yummy Scent That Drives Guys Wild (Says Science)

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Good news for PSL lovers!

Before you go out in hopes to meet someone you probably do a few things to amp up your sex appeal. You put on the right clothes, you pick the most flattering hairstyle, you do your makeup and you choose a certain perfume or spray to wear. But are you making the right choice if your goal is to pick the sexiest scent that will draw men in?

There are many scents out there that are considered "sexy." When it comes to male cologne and body sprays they are all about selling the idea that their spray will instantly make women magnetized to them. Now of course we all know that women don't turn into rabid animals over a scent just like how men don't, but it doesn't help to get people to turn their heads. So what is the scent the sexiest of them all? Turns out, it has been surrounding us all along during the fall months!

According to The Real Science Of Sex Appeal, if you're a lady looking to get lucky with a man then you need to smell like pumpkin pie. Alan Hirsch, MD had 31 men smell 46 different scents then measured their increase in penile flow. Pumpkin pie was the winner by increasing their blood flow by 40 percent.

For straight men, however the sexiest scent isn't on the Thanksgiving dessert table. The scent of cranberries only increased blood flow by 2 percent. And, Turns out, pumpkin pie doesn't quite cut it with the ladies. Maybe it's because it sadly reminds them that pumpkin season is over?

Dr. Hirsch later went to 30 women and let them smell different scents then measured their vaginal blood flow. Pumpkin did get the ladies blood flowing, but not like the Good-&-Plenty-and-cucumber combination. It won due to a 13 percent increase in blood flow.

So pumpkin lovers, it looks like you can reasonably stretch your obsession to year round.

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