14 Ways You Can Be Better In Bed, According To Men


Here's what the guys want to see more of in the sack.

Ask a man what kind of sex tips they'd give women if they could, and wow. Is it me, or is it getting hot in here? We've been gathering (mostly) anonymous suggestions from men and the bottom line is, they want everyone to enjoy themselves. But you want more specific details than that, right? It's not always easy for us to tell our partners exactly what we want. And I can't promise your man wants everything on this list. But I think most of these tips will work for most couples.

Here's what men would love more women to do in bed.

1. Make the first move. Guys can't read your mind, and it gets tiring risking rejection. "I love a girl who'll take charge, knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to say it," says one man. One great way to make the first move is to just "unbutton my shirt and start feeling me," suggests another.

2. Tell them what you want and like. This one comes up a lot — they really, really want to know. "If it feels good," one guy says, "'reward' him by letting him know it. Silence, holding your breath discourages him from it, and he'll constantly change what he's doing until he gets the reaction he is aiming for, so if you like what he's doing, then let go and get into it."

3. Be a good sport with oral sex. Boy do guys have strong feelings about this. "Women, don't act like it's icky!" one guy we talked to advises. And most men prefer women to swallow.

4. Groom. Everyone has a different opinion about how much and where. But the consensus seems to be that trimming, at least, is more enticing.

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